Friday, December 22, 2017

Miles Davis

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" Miles Ahead " 


Ten years in the making and set for a nationwide release in April of 2016, actor Don Cheadle will portray legendary jazz musician Miles Davis in this brilliant new film Miles Ahead.

Not only will Don Cheadle be walking a mile in Miles' shoes, it is a film Cheadle himself co-wrote and directed.

The film will give us an in-depth look into the life of the legendary jazz innovator as seen by the infamous Rolling Stone journalist who documented the artist’s comeback in the most honest way possible.

With a backdrop of New York City during the seventies. The biopic isn't meant to be your typical life and times biography. It is not a quick survey of the legend’s life nor is it a visual discography of his musical contributions. According to Cheadle, the film is meant to zoom in on a single and interesting part of the artist’s life. A time when he began to wash away, spiral down a drug filled staircase, and ultimately lose himself in his own rage. The film gives us pieces of Miles' personal life and his struggle.

It is a film of failure and then redemption, two things we can all relate to in our own lives.

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