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Last Exit

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"Last Exit"

Ronald Shannon Jackson's - "Punk-Jazz"

Last Exit is a jazz 'super-group' composed of the innovative electric guitarist; Sonny Sharrock, fusion drummer and vocalist; Ronald Shannon Jackson, avant-garde saxophonist; Peter Brötzmann, and bass guitarist Bill Laswell from the band Material.

Ronald Shannon Jackson, is a renown drummer and composer. Last Exit is the jazz-metal hybrid quartet that he formed to create sonic mayhem. Their motto was; "tear everything up, chew on it, and spit it out!"

This quartet was so frenetic and bombastic for a Jazz band that they even named one album; "Head-first Into The Flames!"

Last Exit was not the first "free-jazz" band, but definitely was the loudest. They were an improvising quartet that reveled in sweat and fury.

Stunned critics called it "HEAVY METAL BE-BOP."

This quartet could play rock, funk, and "straight-ahead" jazz.

They were active from 1986 to the early 1990's, releasing 6 live albums recorded mostly on tours throughout Europe. They were very much acclaimed in Europe by the sophisticated art crowd.

They were the "Punk-Jazz" alternative to 'cocktail jazz'.

The band was famous for its unrelenting musical ferocity.

Every one of their albums is given a five-star review at Amazon, except when the sound quality of the recording process was poor, then they still got 4 stars for the power of the music!

These four musical virtuoso's improvised their songs on the spot. Almost all their albums were recorded spontaneously during live concerts in this eccentric manner.

Here is my favorite video performance below.

Leave your comments if you understand and appreciate "what it do!" If not, I can dig that too. It's 'out there' man. Far out.

Light up your favorite herbal remedy and enjoy!

Last Exit
Deutsches Jazzfestival, Frankfurt

Sonny Sharrock - guitar
Peter Brotzmann - tenor saxophone, tenor clarinette
Bill Laswell - 6-string bass
Ronald Shannon Jackson - drums, voice

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