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AxCx - Anal Cvnt


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Anal Cunt - "I'm too lazy to lie to you."

I believe we're all goats, or sheep. You are either a cat person or a dog person. You are a Brad Pitt or a George Clooney kinda gal. Bradley Cooper or Paul Rudd. It's not the same thing.

A Janet or Chrissy, Maryanne or Ginger kinda guy. Angelina or Jennifer, Pizza or hot dogs. Shrimp fried rice or Sushi. No one is both. Not in your heart of hearts. YOU KNOW you prefer one to the other. We all do, but we aren't all honest enough to tell you which one.

We're so smart and diplomatic. So nice and friendly. We like it all, we like everything.

We're so full of shit.

I like people who have the decency, or the guts rather, to tell you what they are right from the start. To tell you what they think of you right off the bat. Think of how valuable that kind of information is. Whether you agree with it or not it's valuable.

"Honesty ain't exactly cheap" a wise man once said.

Only those who truly love you will give you the truth.

The rest think they are "protecting you" by letting you live in a lie. Our sycophants and false friends, allowing you your self-delusions. Enabling you.

I'm an honesty addict. I don't care how brutal the truth is...

That's my credo and I think Seth would concur.

Who in the fuck is Seth?

Seth Putnam is the founder of a punk-hardcore rock band out of the Boston suburbs, called Anal Cunt.

*Stylized as AxCx.

They don't take themselves seriously at all, and they don't stand for anything. But they always give you the truth. And that's what's so refreshing. Their total lack of pretension. It's the essence of punk.

It's raw, uncensored, brutal music alright...brutally honest.

And brutally funny.

They stand for nothing.

So why would I waste my time with it? What value do they have?

Not much, just; Freedom, Joy, and Passion.

Ironically that's what's left when you no longer have anything to prove. When you remove all the bullshit. You simply feel good. Liberated. Joy.

And hearing AxCx does just that. They make me feel good.

They make their listening audience feel the same.

Humor is the key to AxCx.

Humor, freedom, passion and joy.

With song titles like; "Hitler Was A Sensitive Man", "I Sold Your Dog To A Chinese Take Out Restaurant", and "Everyone Should Be Killed", they rate 10/10 on a punk scale for humor, and get an A plus for in-your-face rebellious attitude.

They had me, and most of their fans hooked from their song titles alone.

Then you include their satirical covers of songs completely different from their punk style including; M.C. Hammer "U Can't Touch This", The Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive", and "The Theme From Three's Company".

At any given moment in a raunchy, blistering fast punk song by them you get an interpolation of the theme from "The Love Boat" or the theme from "Wonder Woman", pure 70's kitsch. Totally hilarious.

Add in their versatility and commitment to song-structure, grinding riffs, consistent drum thrashing, and impassioned vocal and instrumental performance, and they are a very important and competent punk band to check out online.

They are also recognized as a seminal "Grindcore" band. A founding influence in one of punk/metal's most important sub-genres.

No longer recording since the death of Seth Putnam their fearless leader in 2011 of a heart attack, they are still listened to regularly by Grindcore fanatics and punk-rock experts because they were so prolific during their era. (1988 to 2011).

Usually in a trio lineup of; drums, guitar, and Seth's screaming, belligerent, often indecipherable vocals, they recorded over 300 songs, and nearly 40 albums (including the compilations, and EP's).

Seth even had a drug overdose in 2004, went into a coma for a month and came back to tour. How's that for artistic and musical commitment? (See video below).

The most committed, devoutly punk-grindcore experience that you will ever laugh your ass off to.


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