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GG Allin

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 "Jesus Christ Allin"


GG Allin - freaks n' faggots

The book of GG is a violent, expletive-laden, anarchic punk rock that is the perfect antidote to today's pop punk.

Born Jesus Christ Allin on August 29, 1956 in Lancaster, N.H. GG Allin did absolutely nothing within his relatively short lifetime to endear anyone.

Reports of his dangerous and repellent stage antics reached the ears of anyone with stomach enough to hear them.

GG reveled in this image of the law hating, substance abusing, angry rock n’ roll drifter who loved nothing, and no one. Except music.

GG’s erratic and painfully strict religious upbringing *hence naming your newborn baby; Jesus Christ*, has long been quoted as the reason he became such an angry and rebellious young man.

Although GG contests this in some interviews, it’s hard to believe that it didn't contribute somewhat to GG’s stage persona and lifestyle- which were one and the same thing.

He relished controversy, the bottle smashing, drug abuse, and highly illegal actions that were always part and parcel of a GG Allin show.

The show WAS GG Allin.

He lived that lifestyle, and the way he performed was not an act.

His greatest work, for those still interested in what artistic value anyone like this could possibly offer, is best exhibited on the album; "Freaks, Faggots, Drunks And Junkies."

This album is balls to the wall punk rock. From 'My Revenge' to 'My Bloody Mutilation', every song screams pure rage and genuine angst.

Accompanied by a top-notch back-up band led by Johnny X, and Charlie Infection of the Boston punk band Psycho, all the songs are written and arranged by GG Allin, Johnny X, Charlie Infection and Ed Lynch. Bill Normal, also appears on the album, on four of the tracks playing some deliberately atonal synthesizer. Normal shines on the fiercely revealing cut; "Crash and Burn".

It is this album that best embodies GG’s filthy, over the top, and often times amusing lyrics.

If you give it a few complete listens, and not just one cursory listen, you will find this is one journey to the dark side that you won’t soon forget.

Don't listen to this album in a hurry. The poor production; droning distorted bass, rattling drums, and guitars that are bar-chorded are intentionally lo-fi.

The angry and scratchy voice of Allin wails over the top of the instruments, sometimes poignantly and filled with personal regret, and then with raw passion unbridled by any respect for human decency.

Lyrically the topics include; rape, murder, suicide, bi-sexuality, and pedophilia. But mostly it's drugs, of any and every kind that are his supreme masochist pleasure.

"Freaks, Faggots, Drunks And Junkies" is a tour de force of punk rock. The poor production really gives a realistic edge to the overall atmosphere, making every teeth-shattering, violent murder description seem all too plausible in this tapestry of decadence.

Above all else, this album is the sound of true rebellion. Rebellion of the most self-revealing and personal kind.

Indeed, the songs are simple, but that’s what punk is; simple, catchy riffs. Nowhere is this better witnessed than on the song 'Die When You Die', which makes its’ mark with a riff that is 3 notes, a drumbeat with no breaks, and a bass-line that never changes.

"If you’ve got AIDS, spread it around and take some lives!", that lyric may lack intelligence, and compassion for ones fellow man, but it truly epitomizes the depth of his angst.

At no point does this album lack any of the attitude and inspiration that makes punk, punk.

It’s never going to be hailed as a masterpiece of punk, but that doesn't mean it isn't any good.

The album is an insane yet ironically coherent smashup of punk ideals and rock n’ roll attitude.

If you've grown weary of modern, glossy pop-punk and poser celeb-punk-rockers and are in need of something a lot edgier, from the era when lower east side NYC punk ruled the entire genre, then this release is definitely something to consider.

Always rancid, consistently inspired, and definitely a journey you’ll want to take at least once in your lifetime.

- Benjamino Jackanory & James Clark

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