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"Nothing Exists!!!!"


Copernicus - Deeper

A true artist is not always the performer who makes you feel good. An artist can challenge you and awaken thoughts and feelings in you, that you didn't even know you had.

For Copernicus, there is only the base reality, and that is non-reality itself: Nothing Exists.

Humanity does not exist. Nothing can exist except the fundamental subatomic still undiscovered particle that never changes.

This is "Immediate Eternity" according to Copernicus.

It's like stepping outside of your body and observing your illusion.

Copernicus does not care that much about music, rather he cares about this philosophy and the thematic lyrics that music inspires in him.

The music is only there to inspire the creation of the lyrics and to help these ideas to be better communicated.

In "Deeper", Copernicus moves deeper into his quantum world theory but still reveals his caring and concern about the human condition.

"Deeper" maintains a toehold in the common view of reality but with his deeper more powerful evolution into the quantum. An evolution Copernicus is attempting to awaken in us all.

Let's take a look at some of the songs on "Deeper."
In "Oh God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" there is Copernicus' desperate plea for help in achieving what he wants to achieve; an awakening in us of the true nature of reality.

Politics enter in "Son of a Bitch from the North" as does history in "Chichen-Itza-Elvis".

These are the two standout tracks on the disc. Both songs are intense and passionate pieces. Mankind is actually in a hopeless state, deriving false hope from believing whatever the television programs lead us to desire and believe. And this makes Copernicus sincerely angry.

Conversely his vision of the quantum reality as human time passes us by in "Disco Days are Over" is really quite touching and melancholy.

In "Hurl Silence" a full quantum leap into the atomic world is achieved, and in "Once, Once, Once Again" the angry rebellious Copernicus returns filled with his typical anger at the sleepwalking, programmed world that he sees all around him.

"The Death of Joe Apples" and "They Own Everything" initiate an undercurrent of political social revolution that underlies all of Copernicus' political views.

In "Atom by Atom", we are taken into the quantum world boarding a spaceship.

Finally in "Come to It" we feel that all his efforts and struggles to awaken mankind can lead an intelligent individual to the truth of reality, but if only they make the attempt to individually evolve and "Come to It".

The entire album is often very intense, self-righteously angry and rebellious. The backdrop for all this venom is a jazzy prog-rock ensemble of talented session musicians and background singers, who were given free reign to improvise as he does.

Copernicus has said in interviews that two of his greatest teachers in life were; one, a dog, and two, a drunk in a bar, "but you'd have to be open enough to see their light" he says.

"Very often a piece of wisdom only passes by once, and then never again."

"Deeper" is a profound listening experience. In 1987, when this album was recorded, the quark had not even yet been discovered. With the Higgs-Boson projects and the scientific discovery at CERN perhaps this mad scientist Copernicus was really ahead of his time.

Hence the poet and scholar Joe Smalkowski has taken on an apt stage name for himself: Copernicus.

Perhaps all the wrath, vitriol and anger are justified. There is at the forefront of our shared reality indeed a sleepwalking and programmed culture. A "dead life" that most people lead.

For the unaware and unawakened, maybe the truth is best served raw, on an uncensored platter.

By Torodd Fuglesteg & James Clark

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