Saturday, March 28, 2015

ISR Channel 13 Anarchy Mag:


I love the forest. It is bad to live in cities. There are too many of the lustful there.

Filth is at the bottom of their souls; and alas, if their filth still hath spirit in it!

Do I counsel you now to slay your instincts? No, I counsel you to innocence your instincts.

Do I counsel you to chastity? No, for chastity is a virtue with some, but with as many a vice.

And how nicely can lust beg for a piece of spirit, when a piece of flesh is denied it!

Yet we love tragedies and all that breaketh the heart? But I am distrustful of doggish lust.

So this parable I now give unto you: "more than a few who meant to cast out their devil 
went thereby into the swine themselves."

To whom chastity is difficult, it is to be dissuaded, lest it become the road to hell, to filth, and the lust of soul.

Do I speak of filthy things? Well, that is not the worst thing for me to do...

not when truth itself is often filthy.


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