Friday, February 28, 2014

ISR BOOKS: "The Secret History of Lucifer" By Lynn Picknett

By Lynn Picknett

Dense with research, readers interested in religious conspiracies, particularly those for which Christianity is held responsible, will find Picknett's redemption of Lucifer as "Light-bringer" and "enlightener" fascinating. 

Picknett, is author of many books with about topics like the shroud of Turin, the Templars, and most recently Mary Magdalene.

This book sets out to correct misconceptions about the word "Lucifer"

Lucifer she claims is not synonymous with the devil or Satan. Lucifer, she writes, "is emphatically not the Evil One, but the spirit of human progress, the fight to learn and grow, to be independent and proud." 

The book is divided into two parts, the first is dedicated to Lucifer's relationship with the feminine and his subsequent "fall" from morning star to bringer of hell as a result of his feminization.

 The second part of the book traces Lucifer's progress in history to becoming Satan. 

Picknett's exploration of Lucifer's association with womanhood is the more interesting of the two sections, offering well-researched interpretations of the Judeo-Christian creation myth, ancient goddess traditions, and pagan rituals. The second part covers the typical over-simplification and scapegoating utilized by Christian leaders throughout history to merge all ancient "devil myths" into one creature, or singular character to fulfill the Christian religious agenda. Picknett's depth and range of knowledge is most impressive.

We give this tome our Highest Recommendation - ISR

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